Transformers Prime is awesome

Sitting here waiting for the newest Transformers Prime episode to come out today, I just love this show. This really gets my nostalgia blood flowing. I am looking forward to future seasons of this show. Since had and interview with one of the of the staff from Prime, namely Robert Orci. He confirmed a few things too them, a few things I am really looking forward to. Firstly he said there will be combiners!
Yes! Hoping we get Menazor, he is one of my favorite. I’d also like to see Predaking get some more love.
But the thing I’m mostly looking forward to right now is the Dinobots! Can’t wait to see how Grimlock will look in Transformers Prime. One thing I’m really hoping for when it comes to TF Prime and that is that we’ll actually see the war that occurred on Cybertron all those millions of years ago. Seeing Megatron as a good guy, slowly being corrupted by his on ideals. See Orion Pax rise to take on the roll and become Optimus Prime. See the friendship between them grow and then being torn apart by following what they think is right.

And here is a clip from something upcoming in Prime something BIG. Yeah, I’m gonna spoil even more! Its Unicorn! That gives me hope that we might actually see Primus too. Well at least crossing my fingers for that. The Autobots and Deceptions will probably have to call a truce to take care of home. And I wonder with the apperance of Unicron, is that an indication that Megatron might get turned into Galvatron? I hope not, I just love this Megatron. If they most put Galvatron in this show, I’m hoping he will a separate being from Megatron. Needless to say I am very excited over this.
And while we are on it, I’m greatly anticipating the Transformers Exiles book. That seems to have its release on September 27th, I liked Transformers Exodus very much so I much have this one too.

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  1. @ Kristoffer:
    I think you should. Series is good, its like a mix of the movie universe and old cartoon universe. A perfect harmony in my opinion. Would be awesome if you liked it too man!

    BTW, how are you doing? Hope we can talk again soon. Its been a while hasn’t it dood?

  2. @ Micke:
    Fuck yes we should man. Im up to my ass in work, just like you i would guess. Any chance you could hang on MSN tonight, like at 20.30?

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