The new category, My Videos

I’ve fixed a few things on the site, just minor stuff. But the biggest thing I changed or rather added was  a new category called “My Videos”. There you will find all posts with videos I’ve done. Be it normal recorded videos, music videos or AMVs.
If I’ve made it, there’s where it should be. I wanted to have a bit more structure on that part, all those posts where so scattered before.

I have also re:added to videos that where taken down from YouTube. But this time I’m hosting them myself. So fuck you YouTube and your stupid removal of video clips. That said, I’ll still be using YouTube for my videos when I can. But for the stuff they don’t like or are being bitchy about, I’ll upload myself. Those clips that where removed where;
Nightwish: Rockin’ AMV & VG and Xenosaga: Wish I Had An Angel. Click on the links and it will take you to the posts with the videos in them.
But hopefully they won’t remove anymore videos I’ve made, I’ll make a whole page later with some of my own favorite AMVs. So you can watch them all there if you want. Until then I hope this will do. Now I’m going back to bed, I still feel sick. Urgh.

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