A Strange day

I’ve been feeling a bit down and depressed the past week. I do still have those, even if so many things in my life is better than it was 6 months ago. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of some of the dark feelings that sometime creeps up on me.
Today was a strange day, I hadn’t slept much but the alarm rings and its time for work. it was all good, but on the way to work on the buss I started thinking. Big mistake… Depression hit again and it was back to square one, its really frustrating not being able to enjoy stuff because your drowning in your thoughts. Ugh, I sound like a emo now.

Much of the thought that have made me depressed is my loneliness. I’ve been feeling very lonely the past weeks, I’ve even started to dislike my apartment.
And I wanted to move. Move closer to friends… I have a bathtub in my apartment and I’ve always hated it, since I want to be able to take nice quick showers if possible.
Mostly since I work in dirty environments. So today finally, I was able to remove it and all my depression vanished. And my love for my apartment returned almost immediately.
Its been up and down like that for me all day, it felt so damn strange… Really don’t know what to make of it, well emo rant out!

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  1. Jag tycker inte att det är konstigt att du kan hamna i sånna där mörka svackor. Kolla på mig, jag kom precis ur en själv! Och jag har massor av saker att vara glad för i livet, precis som du. Men det betyder inte att man inte har rätt att känna saker. Vi är sånna människor du och jag, känsliga, vi funderar mycket. Och det är inget fel i det.
    Jag är glad att du kunde hjälpa dig själv ur din deppighet så fort som du gjorde!
    Om du nån gång är i Stockholm så får du gärna höra av dig om du vill ses. :)

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