Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

I was interested in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions for some time. It seemed to actually be a pretty decent game and it actually is. It has its problems but its one of the better Spider-Man game in years.
One thing I really do love about this game is the humor, I think they’ve successfully captured Spider-Man’s humor. And that they have reused some old Spider-Man voice actors to do the voices for the four Spider-Men in the game is a really nice touch.

Shattered Dimensions tells the story of four Spider-Men from different dimensions, I’ll be coming to that very shortly. The game starts with Mysterio breaking into a museum to get a hold of a mystic tablet. Let’s sell it on the black market he says and make a fortune!
But good old Spidey comes in to save the day. But he accidentally shatters the tablet, sending its pieces into three other dimensions. And this whole scene has been narrated by the man himself, Stan Lee. Don’t know who he is? Shame on you, go google him right away.


First out we have the dimension where is all begins. The Amazing dimension, with the classic lovable Spider-Man we all know. Amazing S-M is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. This dimension is also more cell-shaded than the others, to give of that cartoony feeling. Then we have the Noir dimensions which is a dark and a bit more mature, its also almost always in black and white. To give that feeling of being an old movie. The 2099 dimension is a futuristic hightech take on Spider-Man, something I didn’t look forward to. But ended up liking really well. And last but not least, my favorite dimension Ultimate Spider-Man. The Spider-Man here is a bit younger and its also a bit more serious at times and sometimes funnier. And it has Deadpool in it, instant win.

The controls are okay, but could use some more work. One thing I do hate is that the Spider-Men have all the same attacks and never feel really special to use. They have a special attack that is unique to them, but its more of a variation between the attack the others have. The game is not free-roaming as the last games featuring Spider-Man has been, they gone for a more level design of it all. Some levels are big and give of a bit of a free-roaming feel, I think if the developers but down more time on an squeal they could make a real good Spidey game. The potential is there, but it really doesn’t come to surface because of the four Spider-Men. It would have been better to concentrate on one Spider-Man and making that game awesome.

All in all Shattered Dimensions is a pretty decent game, it has its problems. Problems that I’m hoping will be fixed, its a fun game. And I think I haven’t enjoyed a Spider-Man game like this since Spider-Man 2 on the GameCube. I’m looking forward to a new Spider-Man game and I hope they don’t do a dimension game again, focus on one Spider-Man that is more than enough. Flesh out that Spider-Man‘s story and level. I think everyone will benefit from this, play the game, borrow it or rent it. I think you’ll enjoy it if you like Spider-Man.

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