Not feeling to hot…

I’ve not been feeling to good today. So sorry for those of my friends who has tried to make contact with me, I’ve been resting for the most part of today. And I’ll continue to rest, so hopefully can feel better so I can work tomorrow. Can’t afford to be home, plus I have some other stuff to do tomorrow so I can’t be home.
The good thing at least is that I’m not going to work night again until week 31. And after that I’m gonna tell them, I won’t do it anymore. It takes to much of my free time and it doesn’t pay that much extra.

I did actually manage to play a bit more on Infamous 2 today. I’ve now completed it to 100%. I got the platinum trophy earlier this morning. Good game, but I’m not sure which ending I prefer. Either way, It’s going to be interesting to see what Infamous 3 will be about. If it comes, which it probably will.

My friend Ezakiel came over real quick earlier. Just wanted to say hi and have a little chat. Hehe… That bastard, he got me… When I was homeless, I had to give away throw some of my stuff away. Since I couldn’t bring them with me, so I gave him one of my most dearest toys from my childhood. My Dragonzord. It really means a lot to me, so I would rather give it away than throw it away. But he came over and gave it to me, telling me he was just holding on to it for me. People might think this is childish or such, but I love this toy. And right now I’m overjoyed, you really made my day Ezakiel. I can’t express my gratitude, really. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Dragonzord is back!! Can has cheeseburger. PLZ?
One thing I found funny in Infamous 2 was a text on a roof. There was somebody who was starving and then somebody wrote a text under it asking if a particular food could be had. Might not be that funny, but its a pretty big internet meme. Anyway… Here’s what the photo says;  “I’M STARVING! You can has cheeseburger?“.
Check out I can has cheeseburger if you want.

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