God of Prinnies

Ahh, finally time for some Disgaea 4 again. I haven’t played for a few days now, other things got in the way, as always. But I love the game its awesome and funny, just like the Disgaea games should be. Too bad I’ve caught a cold again. So I am not feeling so hot. But at least I have some time too play and rest, so I am well when Kristoffer gets here.

I am also looking forward to start playing God of War Collection vol 2. Or GoW Origins as its called in the US. But I think the next game in line after Disgaea 4 is Zelda Twilight Princess. Looking forward to play it for reals. Just seen a bunch of the game at a friends house, but now I am going to play it myself. And I wanted to say happy birthday to ZX-Omega! Congrats man.

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