Bayonetta! Let’s dance boys!

So my friend Elden borrowed me this game called Bayonetta. You might have heard of it, it was a pretty big game in 2010. Some even going to far as claiming it as GOTY (Game Of The Year) 2010. While I’m a while year behind most people who played it, I don’t see if as anywhere near a contender for a GOTY game.

I had great fun with it and even learned a few things about myself (more later), and it is a pretty good game! Bayonetta is made by Platinum Games and many of the people in PG where a part of Clover over at Capcom.
The Game is directed by Hideki Kamiya who made the Devil May Cry series and all to easy to see that in the game. But Bayonetta was so much more fun than any DMC game I’ve tried. The game is much more humors and over the top, Bayonetta is the alternative name for over the top action. And if you hadn’t guessed it yet, the games main character is named Bayonetta.

The game itself is a hack n’ slash game ala Devil May Cry, guess you didn’t think of that either! Right!? Bayonetta moves with a dance like style, every move she makes is like a dance. I really like this part, it looks pretty cool, is hot. And also pretty fun. Speaking of hot… Bayonetta is a smoking hot lady and she knows it.
Many of her attacks are very sexual, just as her personality. Which I really like, but then again I’m a bit of a pervert. Like the things I learned about myself, I like lollipops, stripper poles, bit.. I mean witches and being punished. If that’s wrong then I don’t wanna be right. Fly me to the moon then!
The game is fun and challenging if you play beyond the easy level, yes I chickened out and took the easy way out. But when I buy the game and replay it, that’s going to change. So if you haven’t tried it, do it! You might like it!

I can’t stop watching this movie for some reason. I like dancing. And the music, its so nice in this video!

3 responses on Bayonetta! Let’s dance boys!

  1. Jag har ganska svårt för att kolla på den där bruden, men ja, det är svårt att slita blicken. Mest för att hon har en sånna over the top proportioner och för att hennes huvud är så litet att hon ser ganska komisk ut. XD

  2. @Lania
    Naturligtvis, det är väl det som är lite av charmen. Just sådant som bara fungerar i tecknat eller i spel. Enda jag har att klaga lite på egentligen är att jag tycker hennes ben är så långa till resten av kroppen.
    Men hon är awesome för övrigt så det funkar. =)

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