What a goddamn surprise!

Yes, this post is about my Xbox 360 I bought last week. The one I payed my friend 100SEK for. I knew it was old, I knew It could crash and burn on me. And guess what? It fucking did! Yeah, seriously… I’m fucking cursed.
Again I knew this could be the case, but the CD-drive died on me and put a nice new scratch in my Tales of Vesperia CD. So I have to get that fixed and just wait till I can afford a new X360. This week has started great and I was really looking forward to play ToV some more, a lot more actually.

If there is something to be happy about it that I’m going to meet with a skin specialist to take a look at my “Psoriasis” and finally I might get the right treatment I need. Don’t know when I will be called, but that things have started moving there is great at least.

Well this week has started so great, hopefully it will be better… A meeting with the bosses tomorrow, get to hear what they think of me and the work I’ve done. Hope its good news, I can’t take more bad stuff right now. Feels like my head is about to blow.
Wonder what I should play now? Guess I’ll have to wait until 3D Dot Game Heroes is released. At least I’m going to see Iron Man 2 on Friday with ZX-Omega, he took pity on me an treated me to the movie. So I have that to look forward to.

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  1. Well, isnt that just typical. Another blowup from a Xbox 360 console.

    Very sad to hear that you cant enjoy Vesperia. But tomorrow i will send God of War 3 to you. It should make it before the weekend. So you can be blessed like me. Right now im playing Collection and the first one.

    It is high quality godness. Keep it ip man! Hope you will like Iron man 2.

  2. @ Palaxih:
    Very typical, no GOW3 today at least. GOW Collection is very nice! Hope we get more collections like that.

    @ Christoffer Radsby:
    Yeah, I wanted to try and get my hands on Alan Wake and see if I would like that. And I would love to continue playing Tales of Vesperia.
    Well at least I’m getting 3D Dot Game Heroes, its the game I care most about in May.

  3. Yeah, i will send it today. I didnt feel so good yesterday. Sorry, should be the best if you can play awesome games like GOW 3 in the weekend.

    But at least you can play it for free. I do like you did with uncharted last time, sending it with some other cd case. Now i am playing the original game from import collection, struggling with the funny pandoras temple. Damn good serie man!

    And at last, i hope for ICO (Never played it) and SOTC (Did purchase the limited edition recently) to get a “collection release” before the big relase of The Last Guardian. Awesome with all trophies and HD content.

  4. @ Robert SC:
    Hehe, no worries man. Hope to buy the game in the future myself so I can have both GOW Collection and GOW3. :D
    Yeah, I think its good to send it in a normal CD case, you don’t have to risk that your original case breaks in the mail.

    I’m also hoping for a Team ICO Collection, never played any of their games, want to see if they are so good like everyone say. Take care man!

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