Welcome 2010!

As the title says. Welcome 2010! We look forward to the joys you”ll hopefully be filling us with this year. Last year was an okay year, poor but okay.
Hopefully this year will be better. I’ve spent the last year with two really good friends, ZX-Omega and Elden. We had a very good time and it was a good way to start a new year. So lets hope 2010 will be good. :P

The last played and cleared game of 2009 was Dead Space. First game of 2010 will probably be Darksiders, which will be released Friday the 8th. Looking forward to it so much! Thanks again, Gamestop trade-in deals. I’m hoping to get my HDTV soon. By the end of this month, I’m really crossing my fingers for that.
People could help by sending donations, but I guess that won’t happen. Well one can dream right? As a game year 2010 looks very delicious, well at least if you are a fan of JRPGs and have a Playstation 3. For those who have Xbox 360 & PS3 don’t forget that Final Fantasy XIII will be released in March. March 9th to be precise.

I’m also hoping 2010 will be much better economically, I want to have money so I can visit my friend Kntheking. But the biggest reason for wanting money is that I really want to pay back a few friends who have lent me money before. But due to the lack of having money, well enough to pay the rent and that’s about it. I feel really bad about this. And you should knew who you are, again I’m sorry for it to have taken so long to pay back. Thanks you for being so understanding have been, if you want to talk about it more you can e-mail me.

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  1. Oh. Först Bayonetta.. Nu har det, för min del, blivit som i fjol. Jag hinner inte med spelen :(

    Ska försöka bita mig fast i lirets sötma och få tag i spelet och ledig tid. Annars känns ju FFXIII som den stora munsbiten.

    Vi är faktiskt tre i min familj som kommer ha det dag 1. :D And I wish you many hours of good gaming and a lot of money!!

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