Transformers: Prime

Some people out there might know there is a new Transformers “cartoon” in the making. The last one made was Transformers Animated. And it was a pretty good show, better than the onces before it at least. Well, that’s what I think. This new series that will air this year(?), seems to be called Transformers: Prime. And there is next to no info on the series. Nothing more than Jeffery Combs who seems to have landed the roll of Ratchet. According to the picture that has been released the show seem to go more in the movie style, than in the style of the upcoming game,
Transformers: War for Cybertron. Which is a bit of a shame if proven true, but going with a movie style design on the Transformers would be awesome too.

Hope we can get some more info on this show soon, I’m very excited to hear more about this series. I want to know voice actors and other goodies. 2010 seems to be a good year for Transformers fans. A new series and a videogame that for once looks like it will be really good. I’m eagerly awaiting both show and game.

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