The weekend before Final Fantasy XIII

And so another week is almost over. And next week its time for the long awaited
Final Fantasy XIII to arrive in both America & Europe. Its been out in Japan since December 2009, so we haven’t had to wait that long this time. A lot of people have been turned of by the game and it seems like reviewers are very split in their opinions.
But what do you think? I still hope and think it will be  a very enjoyable game, but we’ll see what I think after I’ve played it a bit.

I’m thinking of taking a break from gaming until I have a chance to play FFXIII and do some more movies, like in the good old days. I actually have some sort of inspiration going for me now. Would be a shame to waste it. I’m not sure what to do, but something with sprites would be nice, but I’m also thinking of doing a new version of my Xenosaga Rangers videos. Since I’m a bit better with photoshop now and with my video making program, why not give it a try?
I’m also thinking of a making a new video with pixels or something simpler. Not really sure yet, I want to do something.

So if I do a sprite movie or whatever I hope I can start writing a bit of the script for it. Wish I was a bit more talented so I could my own pixel figures, so what I did would be truly original. I have lots of ideas but I need to settle on one thing to do and not try to do everything at once. Well hope everything goes well, I’ll keep you updated on the site! I’ll gladly takes tips and other advise from people.

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