The thing I promised to tell

So I’ve promised for some time now, to tell where I’ve been and what has happened. Guess there really isn’t much more to say, just click on the read more link to get to the whole post…
Well for the soon past two months I’ve been “homeless”. Yeah, I lost my home. I’ve been drifting around between two friends and I’ve also stayed at my sisters place. But I’ve also had to sleep outside… In the cold, because I had no where to go at the time. I Couldn’t stay at my friends places all the time. Or they didn’t want me there all time and needed their own privacy. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had to sleep outside that much, I know many more have if rougher than this…

So how did this happen? The guy we were renting the house from, did not own the house. And the money we paid him for rent he used for his own fun stuff. He was looking after a friends house while, they where working over seas.
And when they got home things turned into crap. We had one day to leave, they didn’t give us more time. I do not know all of the rest of the details, but that’s about what I’ve heard.
So we could just take our personal belongings and get out, so furniture we couldn’t take any of our furniture with us. Since we had no where to keep it. So I lost my bed, couch, desk and other stuff I couldn’t take with me. This is also very hard for me to talk about, I’m really opening up for the entire world to read this. But I want to get it of my chest, It feels like its the only way I can get rid of all the dark thoughts I’m having. We are currently in talks with a lawyer who can help us with this case.

I’ve been wrestling with a bad case of depression. My thoughts as in the past turned to thoughts of suicide… In the past (about 12years ago) I suffered from severe depression. So this has been a hard thing for me to live through, hard and painful. The only thing that has kept me sane was work and the support I got from work, they have been very understanding
about everything.

But after much work and it was very hard work, I’ve manage to secure my own place. With my own ability, it does feel great. I’m just hoping September 1st can come soon, that’s when I can move in. The waiting it killing me, but if I have survived almost two months I can survive a few more day. Its gonna be expensive, since I must get a hold of new furniture.
Well at least a bed. Its going to be a hard couple of coming months before I will be totally back on my feet, so I really hope the people I own some money will have the patience to wait some more.

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