The big surprise… HDTV get!

So this was my big surprise! As a lot of people already should have guessed. Still didn’t want to say it straight out yesterday. I thought this day would never come, how I have waited. So what all this about?! Well, I finally got my Christmas present from my family+grandpa. A bit late I know, but there has been other things in the way. But I’m so incredible happy right now.
I’m reaching hyper state. Woo! It was some time ago I really felt like this and if feels wonderful! Now I can finally enjoy games on a HDTV and that I shall! I’ll let the pictures say the rest! There is even a rare one with me in it!!

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  1. @ Kristoffer:
    Right now. Not much, I’m trying to get some of the sleep that I couldn’t last night. Yeah, it was an all-nighter. So I’ll see you on MSN later tonight.
    But I’ll probably replay Darksiders on it, for a start. Then give Valkyria Chronicles a second playthrough. If I have the time before WKC arrives.

  2. YAZUUKA! Congratz ^^ Hehe, what a suprise. Im very very glad for you.

    And ITS the SAME FULLHD TV that i bought after christmas. Its a great tv. So nice to see!

    Now, enjoy the life of a high definition style. Have a great day and night!

  3. @ Palaxih:
    What!?! Is it FullHD!? :O
    I didn’t think that, that makes me happier! :D
    Thank you my friend, hope you’ll have a great day and night too.

  4. @ Lania:
    Thanks. :3
    I tried a bit of Valkyria Chronicles today and its like day and night in difference.
    Now I can see that the characters have HP meters and how many bullets I have left.

  5. Damn fast writing night Palaxih.. Hehe!

    Wait, it is a 42″ serie? Becuase if its smaller than that im not sure it has full HD.
    Mines that size and its the same PHILIPS serie, and it has the true full poower! :)

  6. @ Palaxih:
    Mine is a 32″ tv. But I can change the setting to 1080p. And I have done that.
    Can’t wait to see my first HD movie on it. Guess I’m going to get Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. =)

  7. @ Emil:
    Yeah, I could have thought so. Yeah, well it doesn’t matter since its light years better than my old SDTV and I can play the new games like they were meant to be played.
    And thanks. ^^

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