Sometimes you can be lucky

Yeah, sometimes you can get lucky. Like I did today. I met with an old friend who gave me his old Xbox 360. Well, I gave him 100SEK for it, but that was mostly so he didn’t give it away totally free. Love that friend! Its an older machine but with an HDMI-port and he never played anymore. So better it comes to some use, just hoping it wont die on me… Well now I’m finally going to play Tales of Vesperia!!
I was going to play it all day today, but got interrupted by two friends, Elden and Stingdragon that came and visit me. That was a nice surprise. They brought gifts! Well some cookies but still, it was very nice. Don’t get visitors all that often.

And I don’t have to work tomorrow! I’m going in for an educational purpose, they are going to check what we know and what we can. Will do this on Friday too, so it will be a pretty good relaxing end to the week. And they’ll treat us to breakfast and lunch! Amazing, didn’t think they would ever do that. Now give me a paying job instead…
Well have a meeting my my contact at “Arbetsförmedlingen” on Tuesday, so I wonder is she has anymore info for me. Hopefully I can at least work there and earn money under the summer, I could at least pay of some debts…

Yum, yum cookies from friends New Xbox 360

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  1. Congratz! Give it a big chance and you will find some great times with 360.

    Very good friend you have. Enjoy so long becuase soon you will play God of War 3! ;)

  2. @ Robert SC:
    Hehe, thanks man! Yeah, I love that guy! :D
    Don’t get to meet him to often anymore, so I’m even glader for the X360.

    Looking forward to GOW3! Hope I have the time or energy to play everything. But I’ll take a break from Vesperia for GOW3. ^^

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