The newest Star Trek movie

I’m not a fan of Star Trek. Never have been and will probably never be, but I did enjoy the new movie. Not saying the older movies are bad, not at all. But they are just not something that has clicked for me. Can’t like everything now can we?
I have to admit I mostly wanted to watch this because of Zachary Quinto. I’ve liked him since I saw him in Heroes playing Sylar and he is cool as Spock.

I enjoyed that this was a new start, so a Star Trek noob like me could learn to know some of the characters better. Or at least to get a feeling of them. I have no idea if they are anything like this in the old movies. The movie had a good portion of action. And I thought it was well balanced with story.
The movie didn’t feel long either, I almost thought it felt a bit short. Even if its just a bit over two hours long. This is not going to turn me into a Star Trek fan, but I will watch if they make more new movies. And who knows, one day I might do a dive into past movies. All in all, it was a good movie. Which I can recommend.

I’m not 100% sure, but I’ll probably see Sherlock Holmes in the coming weekend. You know the one with Robert Downey Jr. My parents wanted to see it, so I’ll probably go with them to the cinemas. Nothing is certain, but if they go I’m coming with them. Can’t and won’t say no to a free cinema ticket.
Other movies I want to see this year is Iron Man 2, Legion, Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

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  1. Mm, tackar min vän. Synd att bilderna inte gjorde min stolta köp rättvisa.

    Får visa upp pics när jag har på mig dem. Det är väldigt rockiga kläder, typ. Aldrig haft något liknande tidigare.

    Mm yes, it was so for me before, just breeeath was alwyas my toughts. Now i am one with the store. Just felt it.

    But it happen sometimes that my wallet is going on overdrive mode (Empty, lol) but not always, thanks pricing lord!

    STAR TREK! I feel like you, never once see the show on television, and trust me, i love Star Wars. Maybe the new one can be something for me.. Take it for what it is. And finally, SHERLOCK HOLMES? What stone is my new house.

    Did they do a remake? Or.. turning on IMDB. Have a nice day or night man! And keep let us know about your opinions, i like what i read.

  2. @ Palaxih:
    I’m not to sure about the details myself. But they have made a new Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. as the detective him self. And Jude Law as Dr. Watson.
    I say a trailer on Youtube an just had to see the movie. :D
    Yeah, I’ll give my impressions of the movie when I’ve seen it.

    Well, you might like the new Star Trek movie more. Give it a shot if you have the chance to see it and let me know what you think. =)

  3. Alright. I know it now, heard some friends on facebook that did enjoyed it.

    Jude Law, one brilliante actor. ^^

    Yes, do it. I will probably first watch Avatar on cinema before thoose two movies (Im not so much for cinemas becuase of timeline problems)

    And, ja.. Svengelskan.. Kommentaren från bloggen, som jag missade. Om japansk deathrock, du får meer än gärna tipsa om liknande låtar som “Nobuo – Roar of The Departed Souls”. Mycket tempo, adrenalin och epicness. Är ju dessvärre inte så insatt om genren. :)

  4. I actually liked the Star Trek movie, I have seen some episodes before but I’m not a Star Trek fan. Oh yeah I’m also looking forward to Iron Man 2 but I think you forgot Book of Eli as well, looks pretty awesome, kind off reminds me of Fallout 3.

  5. @ Christoffer Radsby:
    Oh? Never heard of that movie.
    I’ll have to check it out, not that I’m a fan of Fallout… But I like apocalyptic (can I call it that?) theme of Fallout 3.

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