My week in my apartment

Its been a little more than a week now since I moved into my own apartment and I gotta say, I really do love it! Its quite, peaceful, just like I’ve always wanted it to be.
And I can do just about what I want, it such a good feeling. I really can’t express in words how happy I am over this, best thing that has happened this year with out a doubt.
Ahh!! It feels so good to be able to smile and feel happy again. Something I haven’t been able to do/feel in a long time.

I’ve been working hard the past weeks also, I was glad when they asked me to be one of four people who could take care of a very important client for the company. They could just as easily have given another one of my colleagues But still, they could easily have taken someone with more experience, but they trusted me and wanted to give me this chance. This won’t hurt my chances of getting a permanent job there either, so I’m hoping for the future.

Since I finally could hook up my TV and Playstation 3 again, I’ve been playing Trinity Universe as much as I can. I’ve had some pretty good times with it, love the humor in the game. Loving the active animations portraits in the game, music is pretty awesome to.
The battle system is the only thing I wish they spent more time with, but I stil enjoy the game. I’ll have to see what I really think of the game once I have finished it, well at least have finished the Devil Dog King’s story of the game. If I like it I’ll continue with the Valkyrie’s story in the game.

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