More pizza!

I had some leftover stuff from yesterdays pizza baking and decided to do a last batch of pizza’s. Well today was much better than yesterday. This turned out much better, I put more effort into making the dough and made sure to have all the ingredients at home that I needed. Yesterdays fail, was todays success. “Köttfärssås” on one of them a so called “Bolognese” pizza and the other was tuna since yesterday.

Pizza time! Pizza time!
Pizza time!

4 responses on More pizza!

  1. You can make a user for me if you want to. I’ll still be commenting even with the codes of course!

    I like your pizzas more and more, so when are we gonna open that pizza shop together? It’s still a dream that I have. :D

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Hehe, that would be nice. But I would need to get a hell of a lot better at making them. I would love to learn how to make real pizzas by a professional. That would be awesome.

  3. Oh, just invite me, looks gorgeous! I did get some homemade pizza in friday.

    Special to eat it. Ofc, outside in pizza places its nice but i think i prefer when its homemade :P

  4. @ Palaxih:
    If I’m gonna invite you I need your email, so a password can be sent to you.
    I’ll just pick some random password for you, which you should be able to change yourself.
    You can send me a pm on loading with it, so it isn’t shown here on the site.

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