How I love rain & free time

Ah! The weather is really nice here today! Its raining! How I’ve missed rain, I sure hope we don’t get more goddamn snow here now. So sick and tired of that shit.
But rain, I really do love rain. It makes me feel good and relaxed. And its so nice and fresh outside. It was along time ago I’ve felt this good.

So I went for another meeting at ***** yesterday and the guy there went through some more rules and stuff. Nothing I can talk about since I had to sign a confidentiality paper. So I can’t talk shit about what I do, I don’t think I can even say if I have a good or bad time there. I just need to shut up about those parts, sadly.
One more meeting on Monday and after that I guess its time to start with some sort of work there, don’t know yet. But we got today off. And that’s pretty nice, especially when I’m not used to being up very early in the morning.

I’m also going to watch my first blu-ray movie later tonight. I will be watching
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Now try saying that five times fast!! Looking forward to it, I haven’t seen that movie in a while and the blu-ray version contains 20-26 minutes of new material. Some hate this movie, but I like it quite a bit. Pretty funny since I’m not to fond of Final Fantasy VII. Too bad they didn’t add
FFVII: Last Order into this blu-ray also. Would love to have that as well. But it seems Square Enix cut that from the story when they released FFVII: Crisis Core.

And I might go to my friend Elden’s place this weekend, not sure yet. If not there will be a lot more FFXIII played. Wish I could get my hands on an Xbox 360 so I could play Tales of Vesperia. I’m really looking forward to play it!

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