It’s that time again… Pizza!

Haha! This is funny. A bit to funny and a bit scary too! If I just had waited seven more days, it would have been exactly one year since I made a similar post. The post I made then was about food I had made, I made pizza. Not that its anything special, but it was the first time I really made some. And it turned out really good and I was on baking mood today so I decided to make my own pizza again!

This time around it didn’t turn out just as good. Stupid as I was I forgot to check so we had everything at home that I needed. I should have checked for cheese since that was almost empty. The first failure, still got it to work with the minimum cheese we had left. Next time I’m masking sure we have shredded cheese at home.
This is how the pizza’s turned out…

Pizza time! Pizza time!

They hadn’t put to much work in stretching the dough out as much as I should have, so some parts of the pizza got really big. Which I don’t like. So there was failure number two. Well it still turned out good and tasted good. I used tuna-fish this time. While its not as good as kebab, but still pretty good. Next time I’m checking that I have all ingredients that I want at home, then I’m gonna but more time into the dough. I was just sloppy today. And for that I also payed the price with my pizzas.
Cooking and baking is something I really enjoy, this might not have been a very “fun” or “interesting” post from me. But still, I wanted to show my works and even if that are disappointing. Guess I’ll make some cookies next time. ;)

3 responses on It’s that time again… Pizza!

  1. Yes this was a fun and interesting post!
    Tunafish for the win på pizza faktiskt. Alltid kul att se när min dood gjort nåt sånt. :)

  2. @ Kristoffer:
    Thanks. =)
    Ja, tonfisk är gott som fasen på pizza. =)

    @ Robert SC “Palaxih”:
    Hehe, yes, blev en liten deja vu här. Det var rätt gott, men får se till att fixa degen bättre nästa gång bara. Oj, fler som gillar tonfisk? :O
    Väldigt länge verkade det som man var ensam om det. Woho. :D

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