Final Fantasy XIII today!

Yes! Finally got Final Fantasy XIII today, I’ve played about 2½ hours so far and I like it! I know it is a bit early to say anything, so far I’m liking it.
So glad my weekend is saved! Just taking a break watching some anime and then its back to playing. If I’m not very active on MSN its because I’m playing!

4 responses on Final Fantasy XIII today!

  1. @ Kristoffer:
    Haha, det tror jag också. Faktiskt.
    Det kommer väl vara där jag lägger all min tid, så mycket av den jag kan tills jag börjar praktiken åtminstone.

  2. Wow, trust me if im so glad for you.

    I got the JP version, but dont want to play it, and the preorder campaign was deleyed for me becuase traveling, so im without the PS3-version.

    I will continiue to read about one of the biggest game of the year with Yazuka :P

  3. @ Robert SC:
    Thanks man! Ohh, so you are home again!? :O
    I’ve missed you. I was actually starting to worry a bit. Hope you’ve had a good time.

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