Bioshock and Little Sisters

Not a big fan of FPS, the only one I’ve ever liked was Golden Eye for the Nintendo 64. But there was something that really drew me to Bioshock. Not sure what, but there was something. It could have been when I saw my father try it out and liking it and speaking good about it. So it might have stuck to me.
Either way, I started playing this game on Monday when everyone else had their PS3 jammed by a bug, dubbed “The ApocalyPS3“.

Due to an unfortunate accident you wind up in the middle of the ocean and you stumble upon the entrance to the hidden underwater city Rapture.
Where all hell has broken loose it seems. You soon agree to help Atlas, a fellow who’s family is trapped in a submarine. But things go wrong and you soon find yourself on a quest for revenge. The story of the game is pretty good actually and the voice actors in the game do a really great job.
The environment is creepy at sometimes and some of the characters are creepy too. Like the Little Sisters and Big Daddy’s. (See picture below).

I don’t think I have any complaints with the game, but I wish there was more variety to the enemies. But then again they work really well with the game.
I’m not sure this will make me love FPS, but it was a good game.
And it was really good and refreshing to play something other than just RPGs. I do love ’em, but I’ve missed so many other good none-RPGs.
I really want to give the second game a try. So if I can get my hands on that somehow I’ll definitely play that one. After this I think I’m taking a break from playing and wait for Final Fantasy XIII. But then again I’m very tempted to start playing
Star Ocean The Last Hope International. Not sure what to do really…

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