Be gone, ye foul sugar!

I’ve been trying my best to not take in as much sugar as I did before. While I still eat snacks from time to time, its not as bad as it used to be. Which I’m very happy about.
I haven’t had any coca cola for 56 days
either, that’s where most of my sugar intake came from. And as I said, I’ve been eating less snacks and candy. which is also a very good improvement on my part, and as soon as the weather gets better its time to go out and run a bit. Build up my stamina and start training more. I really, really want to get back into shape. Enough is enough! While I do drink some Fanta and Sprite from time to time, its much more controlled than before. Be gone, ye foul sugar!

It also seems like my friend Kntheking has gotten his Livejournal account hacked too. So if you have my old LJ account there, perhaps you should change your passwords. I don’t know it it has anything to do with it, but better safe than sorry. I’m not to concernd with my old account if I get it back or not, but it would be a shame for the friends I have who use it, to have theirs deleted. Well anyway I gave him a bit of my space so he could continue to make posts. You can find his new site here!

My friend Elden is also coming over this weekend I hope. We are going to watch a bunch of movies. Its gonna be a real blast. I’m really looking forward to it. We are gonna watch a classic that none of us have seen. Blade Runner. Yeah, we haven’t seen it so its about time! There will be more movies than that to watch, we just haven’t decided yet. But either way, good company over the weekend is great!

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  1. I haven’t seen Blade Runner myself, please share your impressions of the movie later :) I’ve started to watch an animé called Code Geass, pretty good stuff actually, though I’m only three episodes in so far. It’s really hard to find good Animé.

    Though I should probably broaden my genre a bit more.

  2. @ Christoffer Radsby:
    Sure I’ll share my impressions on it later. I actually thought I was the only one that hadn’t seen it.
    Yeah, Code Geass is pretty good. The first season anyway, season 2 is good but I’m not liking it as much as the first one.

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