ApocalyPS3, are you screwed?

If you have an older phat/big Playstation 3, you might have gotten the time-leap bug. This bug/problem has been named, ApocalyPS3. Not by me sadly, but by the people of the internet. I’m not going to much into what the bug does, you’ll have to Google that for yourselves. You’ll get better and more accurate info that way also.
Me and my friend Elden our PS3’s where not affected by the time-leap bug at least. Sadly my friends Kntheking & Ezakiel where not as lucky… Hope their machines will start working properly again soon.
How are your PS3 doing? Is it safe or have you fallen prey to ApocalyPS3? If you have a new Ps3 slim model you are safe from this.

I’ve done some minor changes to the site and I continue to work on it slowly. Trying new stuff and new colors. All to be as pleased as I can be with the site and by doing stuff myself. Hopefully It will get even better with time.
And this is the month Final Fantasy XIII will be released, really looking forward to playing that game myself. Just a few more days until its released.

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