Another update

Well, who would have thought I would be able to post two updates, so close to each other? Well for once some god stuff are starting to happen. Still keeping it a “secret“, at least till August 12th. After that if everything goes according to play, I’ll let the cat out of the bag.
That’s also when I’ll make an update what has happened in my life, right now I don’t have the energy to waste on writing it. Its still pretty hard to talk about, but since I hopefully will post some very good news for me on August 12th, I balance it out then with crap news and then awesome news.

6 responses on Another update

  1. @Christoffer Radsby
    I’d really love to. But I’m afraid to jinx it…
    Yeah, I’m a bit superstitious. Well at least its a solution to the problem I posted on Twitter about a month back. So you can probably guess.
    But still, I don’t want to say anything before its a done deal.

  2. Jättekul att höra vad hemligheten var idag. Stort grattis igen! :D Det här är ju jättespännande, är verkligen glad för din skull. Äntligen liksom! ^__^ Kan förstå att du inte ville jinxa det. ;)
    Som jag sa förut, jag vill se bilder sen! Och veta mer förstås. :)

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