A knight in shining armor

And the knight has done his duty well. A couple of hours ago I finished
White Knight Chronicles, which was a game I had waited a long time for. I was sold on the game since the first trailer, but It would take some time before I would be able to play it. The game was released December 26th 2008 in Japan, but for some reason the localization took its sweet time. It was released February 2nd 2010 in the US...
Thanks to it being in translation for so long, a lot of people lost interest in it. And I still wanted to see this game being released sometime last year. A shame it didn’t, I’m not sure it was worth the wait. But I did enjoy myself.

The gameplay battle-wise reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy XII, with its
MMOish-interface. If people hated it with FFXII, they are probably gonna hate it in WKC also. The battle-system works fine and is pretty fast, so I’ve got no complaints there. I like the graphics, but I wouldn’t complain it they could have fixed how some of the characters look. The story characters are fine but the rest not so much.
The music in the game is good, but I wouldn’t have complained if there was more variation in it. But the opening/demo theme with the violins in it rocks!

You create your own character in this game, that will follow the main characters through the entire game. This characters biggest role is in the online part of the game. Where he is the main star, but I wish they had made the character creation part a little bit better. Its easier to make a freakish character than it is to make a good looking one. Hopefully they will fix all the minor stuff to the sequel. I would say the game takes about 20-25hours to finish, depending on what you choose to do in the game. And it is a bit easy. While I see those to things as a bit of a let down, perhaps others will be glad to know its not a long game. Or very hard. But thanks to the online part, the games playtime will probably last for about 100hours. At least it wouldn’t surprise me if it lasted that long, to do everything online.

Great game that lived up to my expectations, 2010 has started of really well with first Darksiders and now WKC for my own part. I’m hoping this trend will keep on with Final Fantasy XIII & 3D Dot Game Heroes. If you are looking for an RPG for the PS3 I would recommend this title. The release for the game in Europe is either the 24th or 26th February. Hope the sequel to this game won’t take over a year to localize.

White Knight Chronicles

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  1. @ Christoffer Radsby:
    Yeah, this game will definetly not suit everyone. Not a big fan of the AC-series myself.
    But AC5 is looking really good. So I’m definetly going to get a close look at that.

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