2010 is the best year ever!

Those who have followed my site over the years, know I’m not the luckiest guy alive.
I’ve always had bad luck and a somewhat challenging life. But I’ve tried my best to make it work, but was almost always kicked in face. So to say, 2010 started as a pretty good year.
I started working and got some rhythm in my life. My insomnia problems, I’ve ha for about 10-12years disappeared. And that felt really good to be able to sleep like a normal human, it has done wonders with my mood.

Despite that crap that happened in June-September, this year has been awesome.
I finally got my own place and it was so awesome and I’ve never felt so free! But the thing that really make this year one of the best ever for me… Is that I’ll get employed! Fuck yeah!
Yes, from January 2011 I’ll be employed and earn money!! I’ve worked hard for this moment, this whole year. I’m so happy to see it finally paying off.
And it seems like things will finally start to change for the better for me, I’m really looking forward to see what 2011 will bring now. Thanks all my friends who have supported me, I appreciate it all.

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  1. Jag visste det! ^__^ Vad skönt att höra! Det måste kännas jättebra att uppnå ett sånt mål när man kämpat länge för det. Bra jobbat! Jag är stolt över dig. Jag visste att du hade det i dig. :D *kram kram*

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