15hours into FFXIII, my impressions

I’m about 15hours into Final Fantasy XIII and I thought I would, write a bit of my impressions of the game so far. For starters I can say, that I’ve had a blast with the game. This is another one of those titles, I have long awaited. So when you finally have it in your hand, it feels a bit strange. Its a wonderful feeling.

Many have complained about the game being to linear and I understand that people think that, I haven’t been bothered by it at all. I was afraid what I would be, but I’m finding it to hard to let go of the controller at times.
My biggest complaint about the game is the total lack of towns. I do miss walking around in town and talking to NPC’s like in past Final Fantasy games. It would help me make the game feel more alive, I understand why its like this, but I think they could have solved it better. And Square Enix “excuse” that its to hard to make towns in HD, is just bullshit. So many others before then have succeeded.

The fighting-system on the other hand is great! Its very fast paced and if you’re not observant, you can die pretty quickly. Won’t go into that much more, I think its better if you experience it by yourselves.
The story can be a bit of the cheesy side, but then again. I’m easily drawn to this kind of story’s for some reason, since I’m really waiting to see what happens next.
Well all in all I’m very pleased with the game so far and I’m looking forward to play more. Just need a break, I’ve been playing the whole day. Well almost.

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  1. I like the game alot too now.
    I understand what you’re saying with the game being more alive with towns but I must be honest here.

    I kinda like not having them there. Feels good to have everything easy to handle at the closest save terminal.
    What really makes the game come alive is how all the characters (almost) feel very human in their emotions and stuff like that.

    I would say that this is the most “human” or “alive” FF game yet.

  2. Well JRPGs are not exactly famous for telling awesome stories, I’m a bit on the sceptical side when it comes to this game. I want to play it since I’m a FF-fan, however I’m a bit turned off by the linear gameplay.

  3. @ Kristoffer:
    Yeah, I like it too. But I wish we could have gotten at least one big town to run around with shops and everything. And I agree, this really feels like the most “alive” FF game I’ve played. The characters are good and for once I believe their emotions.

    @ Christoffer Radsby:
    I also thought I was going to be turned of by the linear gameplay, but to my surprise I actually liked this quite much. I don’t want to see it becoming a trend in JRPGs, but it definitely suits this game. I’ve had a blast so far and one of the best games I’ve played so far this year. Not that I’ve played many, but still.
    Hope you like it if you get to try it, you can always pick it up when it drops in price.

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