What I’ve been doing

Firstly I’ll start of with saying I’ve written two Swedish ones for RPGaiden. I would appreciate it if people could check them out. And perhaps drop a comment them on the site. The games I’ve reviewed are Cross Edge and Folklore.
And that’s not all! We’ve also opened our own forum! So head over there. ;)

For the last couple of days I’ve just been watching a bunch of movies. There has absolutely been nothing else to do. Which I hate! Things probably feel worse than before since I’m eagerly awaiting Monday. The day when I get my Playstation 3 back from repairs. Also same day I’ll pick up my preordered copy of Mini Ninjas.
First I’ll start of with playing Batman Arkham Asylum and then proceed with
Mini Ninjas, I’ll probably write a mini-review for both of them.

So until Monday, I’ll probably watch some more movies. I’ve seen District 9 and it was pretty good, I didn’t know much about the movie, just it was something with aliens. It turned out enjoyable, It could have been worse. I also saw G.I Joe some time ago. Don’t know what to say about it, it was a pretty okay action movie. I couldn’t help liking it. Even if there where some more things I was hoping for from it.
Like more screen time for Snake Eyes (the ninja in black). Are there anymore superhero like movies that I should watch?

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