Valkyria Chronicle is cleared

I just finished watching the ending to a wonderfull game!
A game I really liked. Valkyria Chronicles, yes it really is as good as everyone says it is. Guess the next best thing now is to look forward to the anime. Hope its good. I am really hoping there will be a sequal to Valkyria Chronicles. Come on SEGA do it! We love it! I really didn’t want the game to end I wanted to see and know more about what the rest of the characters in the game where doing. I wanted to be a part of them a bit longer…

Nothing much to report besides that I’m afraid. Its been boring and I’ve just been playing like a maniac. So I’m probably going to start playing MegaMan 9 a bit harder now and even Prince of Persia. I’m going with this untill something that catches my fancy more shows up. Take care ya’ll!

EDIT: Seems like I’ll be starting Eternal Sonata instead for now.
God I’ve waited a long time to play this. I’m really looking forward to it.

2 responses on Valkyria Chronicle is cleared

  1. Nice one.
    Myself I got Ar Tonelico 2 now, a really sweet nice box. Gave away parts of the box though… ;)
    So maybe I’ll try that one out before I sit with VC again. I know that I will complete it sometime anyways.

  2. Aha, that’s great man.
    But I would never give away part of a game like that. it ruins “the complete box”.
    But I think its sweet that you did.

    Yeah, you’ll take VC someday. Just as long as you don’t keep on changing games to often like before.

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