This this is hard!

So I’m playing Cross Edge now. Wow, that game is hard.
Or unbalanced. Maybe both. You can train until you can kickass, but then you go to a new section an the enemies there will totally rape you. I have nothing against the game being hard, but when the difference is like this I kinda loose my interest. I will continue to go at it, but if this keeps up, I might pick something else to play in the meantime. Or rather… This is all perhaps because of me.
Right now I don’t feel like playing anything. Or doing anything for that matter. I’m bored because I don’t do anything, but I don’t have any strength to do anything. Guess its just one of those days.
Hope it will feel better soon, I hate feeling like this. Guess I’ll give the game a few tries again later. Or perhaps just lie on the sofa and watch some anime/series. Even if I don’t feel like doing any of it.
And I really do hope I can post good news tomorrow.

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