Salvation or Termination

Just came home from watching Terminator Salvation with my neighbor.
He had gotten some tickets from his work and no one in his family wanted to see it, so I got the chance to go. No way in hell I’m turning down a free movie. I wasn’t expecting very much.
Since I’m not a very big Terminator fan, I’m one of few people who like the first movie more than the second and I wasn’t so sure about this one. The movie started of a bit slow, but that changes rather quickly. Christan Bale does a pretty decent job in the movie, but I actually like the other main character more than Bale. “Marcus Wright”, played by Sam Worthington.
I personally liked his role and character much more. I won’t go into much more, since I’m afraid it will spoil for people who haven’t seen the movie yet. But I recommend it, it was very good. So go see it folks!

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  1. Glad you like it! Im a big terminator fan, love the first and second. Interesting to se what ''Salvation'' turn out to be. A lot of people said that it was better than Rise of Machines, so im hopeful.

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