So I just saw the opening cinematic to the game Prototype. And damned! It looked great. I’ve become much more interested in that game now. I must have it. I’ve also played the inFamous demo some more and I’m pretty sure I might cancel mypreorder on the game. Its good and all don’t get my wrong. I will get it when its much cheaper, but not right now. So I’m going to see if I can change my preorder from inFamous to Prototype, shouldn’t be any problems. Hopefully.

I made a quick visit to a friends place yesterday and stayed the night. We had fun.
Talked and watch a bunch of movie. Its was great. Only thing missing is that my friend wasn’t a girl. *wink* Well as I said it was great. And he is going to join me and my other buddy for Transformers Revenge of The Fallen when we go see it. God we are waiting for it! Just about a month left!

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