My Xenosaga Collection!

Here is my entire Xenosaga Collection. I will continue to add stuff to this collection, hopefully it will grow even bigger than it is right now. It is a bit sad to be just about the only (feels like it…) Xenosaga fan in Sweden. But hey, I really love the series.
And this is how I show my support, even if the series has is as good as dead now… At least Namco Bandai is letting KOS-MOS be cameos in some games… But I’m still dreaming of a Xenosaga Episode IV. How I want that to happen…


Xenosaga 1,2 & 3 English versions Xenosaga 1,2 & 3 Japanese versions Xenosaga Freaks, PAL ver of EP 2 & Xenosaga I-II for DS English versions
Bunch of stuff
1st: Xenosaga EP1, Xenosaga EP2, Xenosaga EP3, English versions.
: Xenosaga EP1, Xenosaga EP2, Xenosaga EP3, Japanese versions.
: Xenosaga Freaks, Xenosaga 2 EU ver, Xenosaga I-II.
: Namco X Capcom, XSI guidebook, XSII bonus DVD, XSI OST, XSIII bonus DVD.

Xenosaga Figures Xenosaga Figures Xenosaga Figures

From the first to second picture; KOS-MOS V2, Shion Ep3 swimsuit, KOS-MOS EP3 swimsuit, KOS-MOS Missing Year, KOS-MOS V1, KOS-MOS cat ears, MOMO EP3 and finally T-elos. In the third picture is my entire figure collection and my KOS-MOS V4 from Alter. It was a chrismtas present I got last year from my very dear friend ZX-Omega.

That’s about all I have right now. I want to get a hold of Xenosaga Episode 1 reloaded, Xenosaga The Animation and soundtracks for Xenosaga 2 & Xenosaga 3.

8 responses on My Xenosaga Collection!

  1. @ Christoffer Radsby:
    Hehe, well I didn’t collect stuff like this either before Xenosaga. And probably won’t collect anything like this when I have what I want. But it has felt pretty nice collecting this. =)

    @ Palaxih:
    Well that’s nice to hear! :D
    Hope you’ll show of something in the future then. =)

  2. Nice collection, i just recently wanted to collect all the xenosaga games and all the other merchandises of xenosaga as well

  3. oh yeah question where did you get the japanese version of the xenosaga trilogy + xenosaga freaks? and also whats the XSI guidebook, XSII bonus DVD, XSI OST, XSIII bonus DVD.

  4. @zerox535
    I’ve bought them all from ebay. Well, Xenosaga Freaks I got from Play-Asia when they had it in stock a couple of years ago.

    The XSI guidebook is just what it sounds like, its a big book with detailed explanations of Xenosaga Ep I. Sadly I can’t read it.
    The XSII bonus DVD are just a collection of CG-scenes from the first game. You got it when you preordered XSII. XSI OST is the games soundtrack.
    And the XSIII bonus DVD is just a collection of trailers, early footage from the Xenosaga games. Hope that helps. ^^

  5. yep it did help, and have you heard of the game xenoblade? some new game (to me is pretty stupid) by monolith soft for the wii

  6. @zerox535
    I haven’t been following that game very much, I pretty much known its name and its the team that made Xenosaga who made it.
    If it ever comes out in America or Europe, I’ll buy it and a Wii so I can play it.

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