Merry Christmas!

Christmas is here! Have you been a good boy/girl? I hope so or Santa won’t bring you any presents! How will you in Sweden spend this day?
I will spend it with my dear family as always.
And as I’ve done the last couple of years, I’m not going to watch “Kalle Ankas Jul“.
I’ve just grown tired of it, watching it year after year after year. It might be tradition, but it ain’t my tradition! Well take care everyone who visits my site, have a real good Christmas together with family and friends.

6 responses on Merry Christmas!

  1. Happy merry christmas my friend.

    Its been a long year, ive been following your blog almost all the year. I heard many things like broken PS3 and money that really wasnt there (XBox RPG 360!)

    And some happines. So i really wish you a great day that you deserve..

    svenska: GOD JUL :D

  2. @ Palaxih:
    Thank you, so kindly!
    I might not have had a chance to follow your blog the entire year, but I do read it when ever I get a chance. Thanks so much again.

    GOD JUL!! :D

  3. That’s a super pretty picture you got there. Love that tree. :)
    I had a great X-mas, but I actually watched Kalle Anka, but I made a lot of snide comments too. ;) I hope you had a great time and that you got stuff that you wished for. *hugs*

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