May is here!

So it’s finally May. We are five months into the new year. Time has really flown. Soon its time for Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen to have its premier. Its almost been two years since I sat in the cinema and watched the first movie and it felt so damn cool. Looking forward to when I can book some tickets. (So hyped!)
As people might know I’ve also managed to get a new Playstation 3, got it in January. Since my old one broke and the warrant didn’t cover it. So I’ve been playing on it almost every day since then. Right now I’m mostly looking forward to Cross Edge and White Knight Chronicles. A lot of old games I would love to have, but sadly few there are actually money to get.
Would be perfect if I could find a job soon, so I could start buying the stuff I want. I’ve also started to look for apartments. So I’m hoping both job and an apartment could come at the same time.

I would like to have money to visit my two good friend Lania & Kntheking in Stockholm. It would be nice to meet. And I’ve never been to Stockholm so I want to check it out. Would be nice to get away from home too. I want to spend more time with the friends I have close too, wish they could visit a bit often. For me right now its harder to get to places. Its hard getting older, people expect more of you, you have do more. You can’t live without money when you grow up. Things like this makes me wish for simpler times when I was younger. I should have embraced it better, I should have done more stuff then. Now… It feels like its too late. I don’t want to be younger again, I just wish life was as carefree now as it was back then. Even if its just a little bit, that would be enough. Wow, so much rambling here right now. Hope my next post will be something better and miore fun.

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  1. I really hope that XE won’t disappoint ya when you finally get it, even though it’s delayed.
    WKC would be great to play with ya online sometime.

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