It just had to happen…

So my Playstation 3 broke down last night. It stopped reading discs. -.-
Great, fucking perfect! This shit always has to happen me, I have bad luck when it comes to electronic stuff. Its a curse. Truly it is or fucking bad karma. Well one good thing came out of this, my family took a bit of pity for me, so they gave me an Xbox 360 as a early birthday/x-mas gift. So at least I won’t have to go without games. Just gonna do a few things here at home, then I’ll be sitting down in my sofa and playing Star Ocean.

6 responses on It just had to happen…

  1. Good thing is you will be getting it repaired for free and the great thing is that 360. ;)
    Here's hoping you enjoy SO4.

  2. Thanks mate. Yeah, so far I'm enjoying the game. About 2hours into the game. But started to feel a bit tried now, so gonna do some other stuff and game some more later. =)

  3. I'm glad that you got an XBOX360 and SO4! That's one heck of a present. But you gotta stop having all this bad luck. :( Your blog is looking mighty fine too! Let me know by mail if you have any sweet design ideas for RPG-bloggen.

  4. Jeez, you are one man with a lot of unluck.
    Hope you will get your ps3 back in no time.
    And hope you like SO4 and 360. Im not so impressed with the latest star ocean :/

  5. Palaxih: Yeah, tell me about it. Stuff like this just puts you down.

    Yeah, I'm enjoying it very much actually. I think its much better than SO3.

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