I take of my Scrubs

Its started with me being bored. I needed something to watch… Something that wasn’t anime. But what? I have a hard time liking “real” TV-shows. Then I though Scrubs… “Yeah, I’ve been interested in that show for some time.” And so it began. I started to watch the show, started to love the characters. It really grew on me and so this the charactes. Its a pretty whacked out hospital. But I couldn’t help liking Dr.Kelso for him being awesome, Dr.Cox for being a badass. And yes, the guy love between J.D & Turk. Straight guy love, I might add. Or just The Todd for making a sex joke and highfiving everyone. I’ve laughed with the characters, at the characters and very few times ever cried. What the last episode with Ben, was really sad. And one of the best in the show.

And so all good things comes to an end, after season 6 the series started to loose some of its charm and it went on in that way. But now the series has ended with 8 seasons. Even if there are rumors of another season, I hope they don’t do it. The series ended well, don’t ruin that. It was a good run and it feels like loosing a friend. But it was a good ride and Scrubs was awesome. Thank you everyone in the Scrubs cast for giving me an enjoyable time.

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