Games I’m looking forward to

Right now there are a bunch of games I’m looking forward to, both this and next year. So I thought I would make a list of all those games. Just those games that has been confirmed to make it to America and Europe.

Batman: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves, Brütal Legend,
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time, Record of Agarest War, Tekken 6,
Demon’s Soul, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion, Darksiders, Katamari Forever,
Final Fantasy XIII, White Knight Chronicles, Last Rebellion,

Yeah. I guess that’s all right now. At least the ones I can take from the top of my head. Lucky me at least that GameStop Sweden had their trade in deals, trade in 2 games and get some games for 1SEK (about 14cents)
Anyways. Thanks to this deal, I’ve been able to get Batman, Ratchet & Clank and Brütal Legend för 3SEK. And got rid of some old games I never played anymore. Do you have a list of games, you are looking forward to?

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  1. Snacka om att du är en bra dealer :D
    Ska ta och göra samma bedrigt. Bra lista på bra spel. Längtar efter Uncharted 2, Tekken 6, WKC, Batman och Demon Souls av dessa. Samt Last Rebellion.

  2. @ Palaxih:
    Hehe, man får ju passa på. Jag minns förr i tiden då man läste om alla som utnyttjade sådana här deals. Så avundsjuk man var, så det känns kul att vara en av dom som får spel skitbilligt nu. :D

    Mycket bra spel du har där själv. Ska nog skriva till Last Rebellion, det ska ju redan vara bekräftat för US release.

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