Feeling better

Typing this from my Playstation 3. Just trying. Tomorrow its back to Kristianstad Lego. I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks. Have had a cold and a killer headache. I’m glad both are over fort the moment at least. Hopefully it will stay like this. But with the weather getting worse by each day, who knows.

Soon its just a week left untill Uncharted 2 arrives. It feels strange. I’m gonna run home from work each day to play it. Or I might play Brütal Legend before
Uncharted 2. Haven’t really decided yet… We will see. ^^

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  1. Whats Kristianstad Lego? Sound fun.

    Yeah, and yeah. Our prescious Drake is backe! Looks like one of the best looking game ever.

    And all reviewers love it! Megaton! Epic, and its here soon. So, what im going to do? Yeah, just right. I must complete first game and then escape from everything, lock my door, and enjoy the sequal.

    Ps. Läs min blogg, den lever igen, haha :D

  2. @ Palaxih:
    Its not the fun kind of Lego sadly. We make stuff for other companies. We are slaveworkers.
    Usually we make stuff for “barnvagnar” the English name escapes my vocabulary right now. >.< Not as fun as it sounds sadly. Since we don't get payed, we are just extra workers sent there from Arbetsförmedligen. Yeah, the reviews on Uncharted 2 is awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting the game. :D OMG! Gotta check out your blog right away!

  3. Yeahe, alright i do understand now. That was not so fun to hear. Keep it up!

    Just notice that you post this from your PS3, nice writting, i need to try that too.


  4. Heh, hope yer doing ok now dood.
    As for me I’ve been at work and done alot of progress in the store itself and various educations.

  5. @ Kristoffer:
    Hey, bro! Yeah, doing okay. But my cold returned. -.-
    I’ve been meaning to sms you, buut I’ve been short on cash on the phone..
    Glad to hear you are doing great. As long as its better than that last crap place.

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