December and the end of 2009

So yet another month has passed by with almost lightning speed  and now we are entering the final month of the year. soon it will be Christmas and then we are off into 2010. I will begin writing my list of good and crappy games/movies and stuff of 2009, it will be posted on the 31th December for those who are intrested.

Since its December now and Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan this month, I thought I would use a picture of Lightning this month. We will have to wait until March to get the game. Hopefully it will be worth all the wait and I hope it will give me what I never found in Final Fantasy XII. Its a good game, but it didn’t click for me like it did with the other games. As I said I’m really hoping it will be worth all the wait. Hope Gamestop Sweden will have a trade in for it.

Are you going to wish for something this Christmas? I would really like a new TV, but that’s not happening. So perhaps I can get some money at least. I sure hope 2010 will be a better year economically for me, since 2009 has sucked hard at that department. Now I’m of to try Dead Space for the PS3, I borrowed it from my pal Elden. He wanted me to really play it. So I’m hoping its good, I bet he is hoping I’ll like it too. Only time will tell.

2 responses on December and the end of 2009

  1. 2010, time flies by disgustingly fast nowdays… At least I’ll hopefully face it with a pair of trusty friends by my side.

  2. @ El Gran Calcetín:
    Yeah, I hate it when it goes so fast.. But at least we’ll have New years together!
    Hopefully I’m done with my list until then..

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