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Hello everyone! I finally know when I’ll be rid of this goddamn school. Hopefully nothing will change!) My last day there will be December 15.
God I’m looking forward to that so much. I’m gonna die happy.
But is seems like the work I was going to be with for a month later, will beging around the same time. Well so long as I get away from this school anything is fine. I’m counting the days (well almost).  And hopefully I’m gonna know what kind of place I’m going to be working on sometime next week. So I’m gonna ask them then if it is possible for me to take some time of around New Years Eve.

And it seems I will be getting less money both this month and in December too. (Fuck!) Today I also know why. I was sick in the end of Septeber/begining of October. And they still payed me to much money then, which they now are taking back. Fucking awesome. I get to pay fo their misstakes. And to make matters worse (yes, it always gets worse…)
I really needed to buy some more pants, new gloves, winter shoes…
Its pretty cold in the mornings so I at least want some protection from the chill. And by the crap cash I’ll get out now, I’m not sure I’m gonna have enough to cover those costs.

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  1. Coop Forum and big supermarkets like that should have very cheap pants, gloves etc, check that.

    And I hope that place will be good and that they will have heart enough to let you off.

  2. Yeah, I’m gonna check at those places to.
    Sadly about pants there are not always cheap ones in my size. =/ I’m a bit to round…

    Yeah, I really hope they will let me be free for those days.

  3. Argh, I hate when they make mistakes and have you pay for it. >:( I’ll count the days with you man. :) I hope you’ll like the job!

    You know what I would do. I would simply tell them that you have tickets booked for a trip (since you didn’t know you were gonna get a job at the time you booked them), and you can’t cancel the trip. Just tell them the dates that are affected, but also tell them that you can work at pretty much every other time. :) I hope that works out for you!

  4. Well you know people like them never make misstakes. It was my misstake from the begining for being sick. Well, that about what they said. Or rather sounded like they said when I called them. Bah. -.-

    I’m gonna do that. Hopefully they’ll give in.
    Unless they are complete assholes. =/

  5. Mm, that’s true.
    Hopefully they will have a heart. But you never know. But then again, I know where I’ll never spend my money.
    Also crossing my fingers.

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