Slow month

So what can I say? Its been a really slow month, its boring! Metal Gear Solid 4 is finished, its good but it didn’t live up to my hype.
So yeah, I’m a little sad about that. Well now I’m just sitting here waiting for
Soul Calibur 4 too be released and I’m hoping it will live up to its hype.

So I guess that’s about the only thing I’m waiting for right now. I’m trying to color some pictures in photoshop, just to have something too do. Its slowly moving forward… -.- And I’m trying to make a new video, moving forward even slower. And I need to play more on Wild Arms and Enchanted Arms. But I have a ton of anime I want to watch, and I really can’t do all in the same time. /end whining

So unless something big happenes or I finish one of the pictures of movies I’m making I don’t think I’ll post very much here untill then. Well in other news on Wednesday 2nd July. The Playstation 3 will get its 2.4 firmware update! Taht will enable you to send & recieve messages without having to leave the game. And enables you to use your own music ingame. Yummy! Oh, and we will aslo be getting trophies, rewards fo clearing certain things in various games, seems like it will be fun to replay some games. =)

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  1. I should game too. Jeanne d’Arc. Haven’t played it for a few days… I lack energy.
    My head hurts, I should probably eat something. Or not.

    I hope Soul Calibur will be great, it sure looks awesome. Still enjoying Wild ARMs then? Damn I need a US account as well…

  2. I also feel I lack energy. But that’s just since all the damn things that has happened at school.
    Mm, I hope it will be great. I mostly want it for the character creation features. xD

    Oh, yes i’m still enjoying it. But I haven’t played it in a while. After I got Enchanted Arms, I started playing that. Then there was MGS4. And then, I started school. So I have really been in a gaming mood.
    But hopefully I can turn that around. ^^

  3. Its actually very boring. There are not many lectures. But we still have to be there the whole day. -.-
    So sometimes we can sit from 11.00 to 15.00 (lunch at 12.00-13.00). untill we can leave.
    I could have done most things there from home, without any problems. But they need to be asses about it.

  4. I hate when people are asses. >_< I feel real sorry for you having to hang out over there. XP I can't imagine going back to school, so I can understand how freaking boring it must be. Doesn't really motivate you at all, does it? :P

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