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  1. And I’ll say it here again, it is so fucking brilliant. You amaze me man. The things you can do. Wow.
    I wonder what an L-icon for me would look like if you made one. :)

    Edit: Oh yeah, and I’m oki with the friends page thingy too.

  2. Thank you. ^^
    Hehe, I can always try making something. Just to see if it turns out good.
    I actually got some kind of idéa already. Might start skissing on it a bit later, I have all the time in the world now when I’m at school. XD

    Yay! Then I might add something later then. Just have to try and get a base of something for it first.
    We’ll see what happens. ^^

  3. Hehe, it will probably be something like the M.
    I mean in the same style of sharpness. Or how I should put it. Hm..
    Oh, well. We will se how it turns out.
    Any special color you would like to have on it?

  4. Hm… I’ll try to see if I can get something done.
    I’m currently in the processes in remaking some of the site. You migth have noticed?
    So I’m hoping I can get it more like I want. ^^

  5. Yeah, I can do that.
    If I can get online on loading I’m going to show you the little sketch I’ve done.
    As I said before I’m continuing in this sharper alphabet style, so I hope you like it. ^^

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