New design!

Hello, folks! This is some of the new design for my site. How do you like it so far?
I’m hoping to get a good looking background and a stylish looking background for the sidebar. But at least I’ve made some progress on the site. I just need to get better colors and make everything like a whole unit. You know, that part has one color, and another part has another color. I want more harmoni with everything.

Well, well see how it turns out. I’ve been working on this for a whole 8hours today, had to redo all my CSS. Well it was a good lesson, it feels like I understans it a bit more now. So it was not a waste of time. Plus I have a lot of free time on my days now anyways. Why not spend them on something I at least like! =) All tips or help are greatly welcome.

EDIT POSTED 3hours later: Aha! Now I’m pleased with the look. This is more of a style I’ve wanted to have on my site. Just a few things to fix and I’m done for now.

2 responses on New design!

  1. Yeah it’s cool, and wow that’s alot of hours!
    Myself I can’t understand how you can spend so many hours on webdesign but hey, I’m a total noob :P

  2. Haha, yeah I can’t understand it myself. But trust me, that’s the most work I’ve done here at this school since I started.
    And the most fun to, usually you just sit and stare at eachother.

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