New design

So as you might see I’ve changed the design a bit for the site.
I personally like it more now. I think it feels and looks more simple but better.
If that now makes any sense. So what do you folks feel about it?
I still have some work to to and some stuff to get right and it might take a while since I still don’t know exactly how CSS works properly. So I’m hoping I can work out all those “bugs”. But I’m more pleased with the look.

No other news at the moment. Nothing more than I have a meeting on monday. So I’m hoping that goes well and I can get some economical help. Gonna ask if they can help me with an apparment or something. I don’t dislike living with my parents, but I really need a place of my own right now.  So I’m hoping that’s something that can be arranged. And oh yeah…. I’ll turn 25 on monday, lucky me.

9 responses on New design

  1. Really like the new design. :) I love that it’s aligned in the center, and not to the left. Looks much more professional. You do good CSS. :)
    I hope you will be able to get some help on Monday. If they told you that they could help with an apartment, that would be a pretty neat birthday present, right? :)

  2. Why, thank you. :D
    Yeah, I like that’s its centered now. It wouldn’t have worked good to have this to the left. I just had that with the old design, since I didn’t feel right to have it centered.
    Still stuff I need to fix, but at least I’m getting somewhere. Thanks again. ^^

    Yeah, that would be an awesome present if they would help me. At least I can have people come over more often and leave when they want. Right now I still have to follow my parents rules. Don’t have much of a choice. Well keeping my fingers crossed that at least monday will bring good news.

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