Movie tickets (part 2)

Wowoh! It really was I who won! :D
I got to free tickets today for the movie Jumper. So now I’ll have to check the times for when the movie is shown. Just hope these tickets are a sign of better things to come… Well more on that (hopefully) later this month.

3 responses on Movie tickets (part 2)

  1. Yatta! :D I’m very happy for you! I wish I could go with you! (Don’t worry, I won’t hog your free tickets, I have a “biocheck” of my own. ;))
    2008 is so far a very good year for you. :D I’m sure it will continue that way.

  2. That would have been very fun. Hope we can do it someday.
    Yeah, 2008 has started out really well. It has already beaten 2007. And hopefully it will get better. ^^

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