Getting a DS?

Oh my, oh my! I might be getting a DS. Its not final yet. But please keep your fingers crossed. I already know that my dear friend kntheking has lent me Final Fantasy IV, thank you mate!
I really appriciate it. And thanks for all the talk about friends. Nice to know someone understands me. Well at least regarding stuff like that.Well I’m going back to hoping. I’ll post later with mer info.

4 responses on Getting a DS?

  1. I’ll be getting it from a friend of my family. He had bought one, but he didn’t like it. I guess he thought it was a bit more powerfull than it was.
    So IF I get it, I will get it for “free”. Well I’ll be getting it without paying, but I’m going to help him with other stuff.
    Was something with his computer or of that kind, and for a DS I’ll glady help. =)

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