Fuck you, Lernia. :(

So I went to Lernia today, to sign up for some classes, that might lead to getting a job. Well when I get there they tell me that Komvux has to buy these classes from them. So yeah, everything went fucking down the drain.
Thank you veyr much Lernia, for not stating this when I spoke with you. Thank you for almost ruining my day.

On the bright side I got to spend some time with my good friend, Christoffer. We don’t see each other as often as I want to. So we went to EB Games and took a copyof GameReactor. Well at least something to read. :P
Then he bought me a coca cola, yay thank you. :D
Then we bumped into Jeppe. Another one of my friends then the three of us left EB Games and we wandered around town and did nothing. :) Well its thanks to those two that this day isn’t totally wasted.
Then we sat down and waited for our busses and just talked crazy stuff. Fetishes and all that. XD
Yeah, we are a speciall bunch. :D Thank you my dear friends.

2 responses on Fuck you, Lernia. :(

  1. Heh, if I read to fast I see “Lania” instead of “Lernia”. ;)
    I’m sorry things didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, but at least you got to hang out with your friends! :D

  2. Hehe, I actually had to check the text a few times, because I thought I had written “Lania”.
    But I would never say that on your own. I’m gonna take this up with arbetsförmedlingen.
    And see what they say, if they really want people to get a job they will help me with this.

    Yeah, that made my whole day. I actually meet a few other friends later.
    Just like some higher power knew I needed chearing up. ^^

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