Yes! Finally the internet is back up and running! Time to check out what I’ve missed!
And below the cut you can read what I’ve been doing.

29/02/08: The day the internet failed
On this day our internet stopped working. I have no idéa what happened.
But it was probably something that got disturbed by the storm we had.
A few days ago I was at my friend Hans house. There I read three wonderfull gaming news.
1. Metal Gear Solid 4 is getting released in June 12th. YAY!
2. Valkrie of The Battlefield is getting a US & EU release! But under the name Valkyria Chronicles? Either way, woho!
3. Disgaea 3 is confirmed for release in the US. Somedays you just get good news.

03/03/08: Oh, my a guest!
Omg! Finally someone who wanted to come and visit.
My friend Simon came to visit me today. And I borrowed Disgaea 2 from him.
And today was the longest I’ve spent with a game in a long time. I played for almost 4 hours in one day.
Last time I played so long in one single game sesion was when I had bought Tales of The Abyss.

I also took two photos of scenes I liked from Disgaea 2. I know the pictures are not great
but at least people can see what it says. :P
I really love the humor in the Disgaea games. I’ve been laughing like hell.
And more will probaly come. *is eagerly awaiting Disgaea 3*

04/03/08: Holy…
… Okay… Yesterday was nothing, today I plated Disgaea 2 for 10hours!
That’s the longest I’ve played since Final Fantasy X.
Time flies when you are hving fun no? :)

05/03/08: Do not want
Yuck, meeting at “Arbetsförmedlingen” tomorrow. I don’t want to go. Sadly I have to. -.-

07/03/08: A visitor. O_O
I was on a meeting with “arbetsförmedlingen” yesterday and today. Was better than I expected.
At least this time I got to meet people who actually could something. *shock*
Well it seems like they are going to help me get an education that will lead to me getting a job.
Perhaps things can start to look bright for me again.
Oh and my buddy Elden, came to visit me yesterday. That was nice, it made me glad.

08/03/08: Victory!!!
Firstly I’m still playing Disgaea 2. I think I’m getting closer to the end of the game.
And I’m very happy that Nordman beat Carola in “Melodifestivalen, Andra Chansen”.
Feelt like a great victory. And did you see the look on Carola’s face when she heard she lost?
Priceless. Okay, I might be a bit cruel to Carola, but she really thought she could win just because she is who she is.
Her song as crap.
I was saddened that Sibel (who lives/lived where I live) beat E-type & The Poodles.
So now I’ll be rooting for Nordman and Charlotte Perelli (spelling?) in the final Melodifestivalen.

Damn this has been a slow month. And we still haven’t gotten our internet connection back.
Gah! I hate not being able to check out my daily sites. -.-
Nothing new to report otherwise, just powerleveling in Disgaea 2 at the moment…

14/03/08: Finally company!
Me and my friend Jeppe will head over to my friend Hans house today. And we will be staying there over the weekend.
We are going to have so much fun! Can’t wait. And I’ll finally be able to check my mail and stuff!

18/03/08: The weekend
So time to report the weekend. We had a blast!
Its the most fun I’ve had in weeks, there are little to nothing that can beat a weekend with two of your best friends.
We watched “Stefan & Christer – Där fick du”. And we talked a lot and laughted. All in all I had a good time.
And still no internet at home. Bah! Telia said it will take about 10days, before they will have what ever problem there now is, is fixed.
So soon I can return to the internet! >.<
I haven’t played Disgaea 2 for a while now, I’m at the end but now I’ve lost a bit of my intresst in the game, sadly this usually
happens all to often in games for me lately. :(  I’m hoping I can get the energy to clear the last 2-3 stages I have left.

I’ve been watching a few movies since I’ve lost the internet, I’ve seen V for Vendetta, Eight Crazy Nights, Boat Trip,
Benknäckar Gänget (The Longest Yard), Interview with a Vampire, Sahara. They where all good, I had seen some
of them before.

21/03/08: I can get used to this!
Oh I had nother visitor, it was from my friend Hubbe. It made me really glad, since it was some time ago since I saw him.
So it made me really happy that he wanted to visit.
And I’ve started a bit on FFXII again, it feelt pretty good.

2 responses on Finally!!!

  1. W00t, you’re back! I’m so happy! ^__^
    So did you beat Disgaea yet? That weekend with your friends sounds like a lot of fun.

    Oh and I laughed so hard when Carola lost. It was really such a great thing to see. She’s won so many times before it was time for someone else to shine. I didn’t care for that song anyways, it sucked.

    I would have wanted for Sanna Nielsen to have won, she had a really brilliant song and she sang it beautifully.

  2. Thank you! I’m happy to be back! :D
    Yeah, it was lots of fun. Hehe… Actually, I have like 2-3 levels left, but I just don’t have the will to level the characters right now to get past them.

    Yeah, her song was crappy. Mm, Sanna was good. As long as Carola didn’t win I really didn’t care who won. ^^

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