Bored out of my skull!

A new month and nothing new has happened. Soon it will be christmas and this damn year will be over. Sadly nothing has happened since my last post. And soon "work" will begin. Not looking forward to that very much, I’m so bored out of my skull its not even funny. I hope 2009 will bring something good with it, at least something to play on.

As always when I’m bored I start to redesign the site.
And I’ve just changed a few things. But I like it and hope I can continue with it.
Well take care everyone until the next time we meet! Hopefully there can be pleasant news for once.

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  1. Thank you. =)
    I’m trying to get a good contrast between blue and darkish colors. They work pretty well together. With out it becoming to dark.

    Hmm… Well the only thing I think of right now is probably the new Prince of Persia game. It looks really good. Other than that there’s not much.
    It will be a pretty tight Christmas in the family this year. So I don’t think there is much room for presents. Sadly.

  2. You know, I was actually thinking of the same game. ^__^ I was actually thinking that I would ask if you wanted Prince of Persia. So I’ve decided I will buy it for you as an X-mas present. Not much of a surprise now, but oh well. :P What console do you want it to? 360 or PS3?

  3. O_O Omg?!
    I really am surprised. And I realize how damn instable I am with my emotions. I’m actually crying a bit. Honestly.
    I’m not to used to this kind of stuff. Well I would prefer the Ps3 version.
    Now I feel a bit guilty that I can’t afford to buy you anything. =(

    You gotta give me your adress later, (on loading or via my hotmail) I’m planing on sending out a few christmas cards sometime around the 15-16th this month. So I want to send you one too.

  4. Oh thanks, that would be great. :) You need to give me your address too, how else will I be able to send the game to you? ;) Can I send my address to your Gmail or are you still not comfortable using it?
    And don’t mention it! I’m glad that I can do something for you that makes you feel happy. You haven’t had an easy year, so whatever I can do, that’s great. :) *hugs*

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